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Solarkar company (solar water heater) was founded in 1360 in Semnan province. The company is one of the first manufacturers of water cooler, gas heater and oil, electric and gas water heaters with standard seal in the country.
Sangkar Company has been transferring technology and production of solar water heaters in various models for the purpose of energy consumption optimization since 2003 in order to focus more on energy optimization activities and better growth and development in this field. In 2011, he founded SolarCar Company.
The SolarCar plant is a 5,000 square meter land with covered halls consisting of units such as pressroom, powder paint line, assembly hall, welding line, warehouse and so on.
Solarkar Co., as one of the largest solar system manufacturers in Iran, relying on more than a decade of experience and technical and scientific knowledge of local engineers and managers in consulting, designing and manufacturing of solar water heaters in the country.

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From 1383 till now


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Solar Power Systems


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General solar water heater


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Domestic Solar Water Heater Flat


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Home Vacuum Solar Water Heater