Wednesday, 19 June 2019

Electric Water Heater

product introduction


Electric water heaters of different sizes in the wall and stand in two types of production is designed for diverse applications.

The boilers are different because of the size and fit in small confined spaces and can be installed and used.



 Features Electric Water Heaters

The use of polyurethane insulation to prevent energy waste

Use the best type of permanent sequential elements to produce hot water

Use color-coated sheets for covering body

Use fire-resistant wire for internal bond strength against heat

Use grounding wire for more safety product

The use of hot galvanized steel for the main body of the reservoir


How to install

Electric water heater installation :


When installing the water heater should be displayed for use

Product installation location should be level with the ground

Select the installation location so sprinkled or poured water on the tank, especially not the thermostat frame.

As far as possible to the water heater near the wall here.

Systems product in places where ground (earth) is not used.

Product installation should be done by the operator authorized or qualified personnel.

Storage should be in a position to sweep the water pipes to be connected to the thermostat and drain valve box that is available.

Before turning on the water of the reservoir and make sure the water flow and to prevent the return of hot water to municipal water mains must use the

check valve.




1. Valve

2. Thermometer

3. Volume thermostat

4. Signal lights

5. Cold water inlet

6. Bead tips

7. Check valve

8. valve

9. Frame thermostat

10. Pipe overflow valve

11. Hot water outlet

12. The location of Install drain valve

13. The location of the Earth


technical specifications

input Output : 3/4 inch

The thickness and type of sheet : 2 Galvanized

Valve : 3/4 inch


Technical specifications of electric water heaters solarkar

 SLE 200  SLE 150 SLE 120   SLE 90 model
220 V  220 V  220 V  220 V voltage
 50 Hr  50 Hr  50 Hr  50 Hr Frequency
 2500 W  2500 W  2000 W  2000 W  The element
  150 lit  120 lit  100 lit  60 lit  Capacity
 44 cm  44 cm  44 cm  44 cm Diameter
 138 cm  128 cm  113 cm  65 cm Height