Solar car

World’s Most Beautiful Solar Vehicle Arrives in Australia and New Zealand After Completing Its Successful 3100 Mile Journey to Australia and New Zealand
The most beautiful solar car in the world, after a 3,300-mile journey from Australia and New Zealand to California. The solar car has joined the US solar-powered plant as well as the Bochum University of Applied Sciences in Germany. There is a 2-seater sports car and it is also powered by solar panels mounted on the roof. There are competitions held every year in Australia by solar cars. The 3,000-mile race, on the other hand, calls for a 21,000-mile hierarchical race for the World Solar Organization, the distance that will be the highest ever record for solar cars. The trip will be more than 3,700 miles in the US alone, starting in California and ending in the south. The journey should take 49 days. There are 5 bases on this route that will accommodate crews for rest. The Solar Energy Organization will also host a contest on Facebook: If anyone can detect the location of the cars on the trip, as well as the stations where they stop, they may be among the winners who will be awarded awards by the organization. Was.
After leaving Southern California, the organization will travel to Europe, Africa and Asia and eventually return to Australia later this year.