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Thermosyphon water heaters (system with natural circulation): due to sunlight radiation to the absorber plates of the collectors and absorption of thermal energy by these fluid plates in the collectors, it is heated due to the conductivity property. Due to the temperature difference, the density is different between the beginning and the end of the riser. This phenomenon causes the thermosiphon property in the riser, and due to this property, the hot fluid moves up and enters the storage source. If the system is direct, then the heated fluid is the same water that will be consumed, and if it is In direct (double-walled tank), the heated fluid is a solution of water and antifreeze that heats the outer wall of the tank and then returns to the collector.
Solarkar's thermosiphon solar water heaters use the principle of thermal thermosiphon. In this way, a two-way water storage tank is placed on top of the solar collector and a closed circuit is formed between the second wall of this tank and the internal pipes of the solar collector. With the sun's radiation on the surface of the solar collector, the fluid inside is heated and The natural fluid flow between the coil and the tank causes the water inside the main tank to heat up and the hot water flows through the network under pressure.
Thermosyphon movement continues as long as the energy of the sun is available. This movement stops when the sun sets.
In thermosiphon solar water heaters, due to the closed cycle of the collectors and their protection, we need to use antifreeze. Considering that the common antifreezes used in cars are toxic and its possible penetration into sanitary water systems is harmful to the health of users, food grade and non-toxic antifreezes are used in Solarcar solar water heaters. will be
In Solarcar thermosiphon solar water heaters, the electric auxiliary system for emergency situations is an electric element that can be adjusted to the desired temperature with a built-in thermostat.
Solarkar has designed two types of bases for this product. 45 degree base for installation on flat surfaces and zero degree base for installation on sloping surfaces and roofs
By using this product, at least 60% of the energy required for water heating in one year will be supplied from the sun for free and cleanly.​​​​​​

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