70% energy saving

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Vacuum tube
​​​​​​​Solar Water heater

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This model of solar water heaters uses the technology of vacuum tubes. The vacuum tubes are double-walled glass, which is a vacuum between the two walls, and the outer surface of the inner wall is coated with solar energy absorbing coating. In these water heaters, Solar vacuum, vacuum pipes are directly entered into the tank. Water fills the tank and pipes. As a result of the sun shining on the glass pipes, the water inside the pipes is heated, the hot water moves up due to its lower density than the cold water and a natural circulation is formed between the glass pipes and the tank. and the water in the tank heats up quickly.

The storage tank in this product is made of steel, which is insulated with high-pressure injected foam. In such a way, the hot water produced during the day can be maintained for 72 hours. Also, due to the vacuum in the glass tubes, this The product can work in the cold of winter without the need for antifreeze, and the water inside the glass pipes does not freeze.​​​​​​

​​Installed Sampels: